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ALECIA HUCK founded MAVERICK in 2004 and continues to directly deliver all services. She brings 20+ years of experience in the field of organizational development and is a recognized speaker, facilitator and trainer.  Her background includes the study of human and organizational behavior, process science as well as extensive sales, management and leadership training.  Alecia is known for high impact solutions that are both innovative and highly practical.  She has worked in a wide range of industries including retail, manufacturing, sales, construction, education and criminal justice. 

Organizational change is tricky.  Alecia brings a unique combination of qualities to the problem.  She is direct, insightful and creative.  She is both tenacious and gentle, intense and playful.  She knows when to break the rules and when to follow them, has a deep and intuitive understanding of people, how organizations work, why they sometimes don’t, and how to fix them. 



I have worked with some pretty amazing people in a very wide range of industries and stages of development--people running start-ups and 4th generation companies, sales teams, schools, manufacturers, managers, engineers and judges.  I’ve helped clients figure out how to have hard conversations with their assistants and prepped them to testify before their state legislatures.  I’ve been part of inventing and launching new programs, reinventing systems, recovering from change and crisis, major failures and miracles. 

I work with smart, capable leaders dealing with problems beyond their scope or experience or capacity.  They are deeply committed people who take their work seriously and hate losing.  But they also care deeply about the people around them. They win the right way and for the right reasons.  Some are responsible for hundreds of job, entire communities or regions.  Some are at the start of something, in small offices with just a few people. 

They are leaders who are up to something...out to build great companies, leaders and communities, change the world or just their little corner of it.  It's a priviledge to know them and be a part of what they build.  


big wins

Life is not always easy or kind.  And work can often feel, well, like work.  But most of us are lucky enough to know that sometimes work is more.  Sometimes work is a chance to be part of something, to work hard with people you respect and build something you believe in.  And sometimes your work gives you a chance at one of those rare and extraordinary experiences where a group of people accomplish something together that could never be done alone, something that they maybe didn't know could be done at all.  These kinds of victories don't just change the world, they change YOU, who you are and what you know about what is and isn't possible.  They're not just wins. They're BIG WINS.  

People need BIG WINS.  They need to know that they're possible and be a part of them and help other people have them.   BIG WINS give life meaning and purpose. They restore joy and hope and they help us believe that we can do the next set of amazing things.  Which is good.  Because the world is ripe with problems not-so-patiently waiting to be solved.  

The work I do with people is not always easy or fun.  BIG WINS aren't cheap. You have to become someone new to make these miracles happen. That's why they're so important and so challenging and SO. DAMN. FUN.

I believe, fundamentally, in BIG WINS, in the possibility of them, the beauty of them and the necessity of them.  It's what I work for and what I want for people.