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I love entrepreneurs.

Especially the stubborn ones.

It’s not easy to build something that matters in this world. I work with people who build things that matter. They are the kind of people who like to win, hard working, almost to a fault. But they want to win in the right way and for the right reasons.

They’re fair. They do the right thing by their employees and their customers. They are, men and women alike, the good guys. And it’s fun to help them win.

They’re smart. But running a business is tough. And nobody can be good at everything. I like helping them see the thing they haven’t been seeing, learn the thing they didn’t know, so they can be more like the business they’ve been trying to become.

I maybe have the best damn job in the world. A front row seat to see amazing people go from frustrated and exhausted to excited and optimistic. A lot of things are possible when someone can open up the hood and explain the mechanics to you, show you how the parts fit together, help you fine tune what you’ve got, make the changes that can change everything.

I’m the nerd who reads ALL the books so you don’t have to. I have expertise in human behavior and process science. I’m about half bulldog, half cheerleader. Just stubborn enough and just enough heart to get you through the hard parts.

I’m your biggest fan. I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll help you figure it out. I want you to win and I won’t lie about what it will take.



I believe one of the best ways to serve people is with high standards and accountability.  Human beings want to win but winning without worthy effort isn't enough.  People want and need to work hard, at work that matters and contributes.  

I believe culture is not about fun or casual Friday's and definitely not birthday cake.  Culture is about work culture, the standards and habits and expectations a group hold and a leader guards that help give everyone a better way to succeed and celebrates in a real way when they do.

I believe in fighting chances and high fives. 

I don't believe in running your business like a family.  I believe in professional, respectful work environments with rules and standards, run by the numbers.  I also believe in loyalty and generosity and throwing all the rules out the window if you have to in order to do the right thing by the people who work for you, the customers who buy from you and the vendors who support you. 

I believe in infrastructure and training and starting meetings on time.

I don't believe you have to go corporate in order to scale.  

Fundamentally I believe people and systems don't operate separately.  They're intertwined.  They can mess each other up or make each other great.  The best software solution won't work if you don't have a management team that can train people and hold them accountable to using it.  Without managing the human component, people will just work around your expensive solution.  Likewise, communication training and the like is generally useful and sometimes great.  But if the real problem is structural, and you don't fix that, communication or motivation or time management won't help.  It can't if that's not the real problem.

I don't believe that every project should have a $50,000 minimum. 

I believe consultants should build infrastructure and skills into an organization, not imbed themselves into a process so you have to keep writing checks forever. 

I believe in smart projects provide short-term results AND long-term value.  

I believe businesses exist to provide goods or services and make a profit, that profit is a good thing and a lot of profit is better--when it's earned and ethically made. 

I believe that not all profit is measured in dollars, that good business is also about milk and diapers and providing great jobs to good people, helping them work hard and win together.

I believe in the BIG R.O.I., both the kind you can measure and the kind you cannot. 



Like talking to a real person?  You can call me directly at 720-273-3286.  (I still answer my own phone.)  

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