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Organizational Development.  Change Management.  Strategic Planning.  Executive Coaching.  Leadership and Management Consulting. Speaker. Trainer.  Efficiency Expert.  Ninja...The work I do goes by a lot of different names.  

I am a hard person to find, having expertise in human behavior, systems/process science, and change.  

I've worked in a wide range of industries including retail, manufacturing, sales, professional services, construction, education and criminal justice.  

I started my professional life as a door-to-door salesman, recruiter and sales manager while I was still in college learning about linguistic theory.  

I am a dedicated nerd, reading widely on subjects from behavioral economics to biographies of Catherine the great to military strategy both for fun and for my own professional development.  

I am really good at championing people through major change, helping them through the intense emotional and logistical challenges.  Change is hard.  Even when people want it and need it and are excited about it, it's still hard.  Helping people do it well and do it quickly requires a great deal of both sensitivity and willpower.  You need to be part cheerleader and part bulldog.

I like the puzzle of human organizations, like figuring out the pieces and putting names on them.  I am good at creating distinctions that help people understand what is happening around them and what to do about it to get more of the results they want.  I am known for creating high impact solutions that are both innovative and highly practical.

I am out to have people win.  I believe in creating huge R.O.I., both the kind you can measure and the kind you cannot.  



I have worked with some pretty amazing people in a very wide range of industries and stages of development--people running start-ups and 4th generation companies, sales teams, schools, manufacturers, managers, engineers and judges.  I’ve helped clients figure out how to have hard conversations with their assistants and prepped them to testify before their state legislatures.  I’ve been part of inventing and launching new programs, reinventing systems, recovering from change and crisis, major failures and miracles. 

I work with smart, capable leaders dealing with problems beyond their scope or experience or capacity.  They are deeply committed people who take their work seriously and hate losing.  But they also care deeply about the people around them. They win the right way and for the right reasons.   Some are at the start of something, in small offices with just a few people. Some are responsible for hundreds of jobs, entire communities or regions.

They are leaders who are up to something...out to build great companies, leaders and communities, change the world or just their little corner of it.  It's a privilege to know them and be a part of what they build. 



I believe work can be AWESOME, that the work we do should be about more than survival.  It should give us a chance to conquer old demons and take new ground.  It should make a real difference in the world.  It should be awesome not because it is easy or comfortable but because it challenges us to become a bigger version of ourselves. 

I believe we should bring other people along both for what they can contribute and who they can become, what we can create together that we couldn’t create alone. 

I believe building something great should feel great when it’s over, whether or not we won, because it makes a difference to fight the good fight, because audacity becomes beautiful when you combine it with determined effort. 

I believe the work we do can connect us to something important, something essential to our humanity, the great effort, great potential, and the possibility that we do not just live in this world, but actually have the power to create it, and in doing so, create ourselves.


Like talking to a real person?  You can call me directly at 720-273-3286.  (I still answer my own phone.)  

Prefer NOT to talk to a real person, at least not right away?  Email me at

You can also learn more about working with me on the SERVICES pages OR by reading "BIGGER IS DIFFERENT: Solving the Infrastructure Problem You Don't Know You Have." (Free download.  Brilliant Stuff.)