First calls are…

  • Free

  • No Hassle, No Pressure, No Shenanigans

  • Typically a 30-60 minute call (Reserving 60 minutes is recommended)

Schedule Your First Call with Alecia Huck

The single best way to figure out if you might want to work with someone, is to START WORKING.

  • Work on YOUR Growth Problems

  • Get useful ideas and insights

  • Get clear about whether or not you want to move on to the next step.

First Calls give us both an easy way to see if we might be a fit, without one of us jumping on an airplane.

A First Call is a good fit if:

  • You run a company or division that started small but has experienced significant growth

  • You’re currently experiencing growth problems that are impacting efficiency/profit, people & culture, and/or quality

  • Your revenue/cash flow are healthy

Schedule your First Call now so you can start making progress on the real problem.