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I am someone who loves to learn.  I like thinking hard about issues that either are or seem to be complex, and trying to find simpler ways to understand and approach them.  I always wanted a big electronic library to house resources I have built and found so other people who love to learn, or are looking for better answers could access it.  Look for new additions on a regular basis.  I also frequently post unique and useful content on LinkedIn at

Critical Factors Blog

I've taken the best insights and ideas about how to get work done and put them into short articles here. 


There is no such thing as "got too big" or "grew too fast."  There ARE a lot of organizations growing quickly without the right infrastructure and skills to handle the size and speed they're dealing with.


When an undercover introvert applies expertise in human behavior and process science to networking you get a much smarter way to approach professional networking.  Originally written in 2010, it's been updated with a new worksheet to help you stay organized. 


A ninja-fast tool to help you complete 2017 so you're ready to create 2018.  A GREAT first step to any annual planning process.


10 Minutes of the right kind of thinking can make a BIG difference.  Get your company's most important priorities on paper so your team can get to work.


This version takes a slightly broader look, focusing on company priorities, key areas and what you personally need to crush to have a great year.